About Us

Hello and Welcome to Eidos!  


  We are a modern jewelry gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the oldest capital city in the USA.  Our gem of a city is surrounded by stunningly beautiful and colorful countryside evolving from millennia of extreme volcanic activity.

Our gallery and workshop are located on Camino de la Familia in the historic railyard district , behind REI.

 Gordon and Deborah produce a wide range of gold and diamond jewelry in Santa Fe as well as specializing in remodeling your memories by taking out stones from your jewelry, recycling the gold and recreating your dreams and milestones in a more contemporary form.

For their own work they are committed to sourcing their stones ethically and using recycled gold. They use a great many colored Argyle diamonds from Australia, white diamonds from Canada and Botswana and rose cut rustic diamonds cut by artisans in Surat, India.